Monday, August 28, 2006


Dear July:
I m writing to thanks you for the book you gave me.
I was reading it and I love it.
My new house is very nice, spacious and lighting. My house is really big and prolix. It has four roms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a garage and a living room.
my bedroom is very cute and huge.
thanks for the book again. I´ll see later. I love you.
So, write me soon, July. I´ll wait your next letter.
Federico Ferreri.


8 years ago, my mom, my sister and me were lieing in the the coach´s living room watching tv.
Suddenly, we heard; NOCK - NOCK on the door. we´re afraid because it was impobable that somebody had called us at 1:00 hs.
My mom went overed and opened the door we found a little box that contained ametalic cross.
I called my grandmother and i asked her what it meaned, because she´s beleived in miracles, ghost, etc....
She told me that yearly the ghost´s "San Francisco de Asis" gave away that nice cross to the honest families for fortune.


The world cup is gone and it left a debat opened.
Is the world cup a period of recognition national?
A lot of people say that world cup separates us of the autentic, nationalist symbols.
In my opinion, this cupis a period of our lives which be strange, painful, beautiful, however, the world cup unifices us like "argentinos", even more that any national date.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name is federico .
Im 16 years old.
I live in lanus.
Im boca jr fan.
I go to school to Matutlitis.
I hate the salad but I love the ice -cream.
and thats all.